Best Bridal Makeup Artist Tips for your Wedding Day!

Winter is coming in DC, and it’s also time for winter weddings. Winter bridal makeup is not your usual wedding makeup. It usually takes skills of a professional Makeup Artist for Weddings in Washington, DC to make sure you won’t end up too pale or too red on a snowy season. However, if you are planning to do your own makeup, keep the following expert makeup tips in mind:

For Healthy Face Texture

Makeup Artist in Washington, DCBecause of the extreme weather conditions of winter, your face can look darker or duller because of dryness. This calls for applying the right foundation for a flawless and patch less look. Finish it off with translucent powder. Do not forget to moisturize your skin before applying foundation.

For Just the Right Blush

Makeup Artist for Weddings in Washington, DCGo for rosy shades leaning towards crimson. Reds and pinks will not be as flattering for it can make you appear frosty. You would need to blend it well and put a touch of translucent powder so as to keep away from dryness. Having a healthy rosy blush will add just the right amount of warmth on your look.

Beautiful Bridal Eyes

Beautiful Bridal EyesMake sure you put a base using a foundation and a concealer to make the eye shadow adhere. Use a gel liner or a liquid one on the eyes. You can choose to apply thin or moderate lining on the top lash line then use a milky liner on the water line to achieve a wintry feel on your eyes.

Eye Shadow Color

You can never go wrong in choosing some sweet pink or peach shades on the lids, you can apply each individually or use them together. Use softer pink shades on the center of the lids and then apply a darker pink on the lids towards the creases. To open or brighten the eyes, use a dollop of silver or ivory on to the junction of the nose then a hint of bronze on the crease.

Extra Tip: Since cold weather can dry and chap your lips, do these easy steps:

  1. Moisturize using a heavy moisturizer making sure it stays on for 10 minutes before blotting it off.
  2. Put foundation on the lips and dab translucent powder.
  3. Apply lip liner having the same shade as your lip color.
  4. Fill in your lips with either berry or peachy shade.
  5. Finish it off with a lip gloss to make your lips look full and healthy – definitely kissable!

These tips come in handy not only for brides or for weddings. To learn more of the best bridal makeup tips in town, see the Best Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC.

Best Bridal Hairstyles for Winter Weddings in DC

Winter is coming and so is your wedding! There’s not a lot of time for you to do a lot researching especially when you still need to book a bridal hair trial before your wedding date. Let’s make it easier for you as we narrow down the list of the best winter bridal hair styles you can choose from. There’s nothing like ending the year saying “I Do” with the most stylish Bridal Hair in Washington, DC.

Contemporary yet Classic: Slick Bun


Be frizz-free or flyaway free on your wedding day. This bridal hairstyle is ideal for brides who want to have a perfect wedding hair that means not a strand of hair out of place. Go for a very feminine and slick ballerina bun. Complete this elegant hairstyle with a tiara or any bridal headpiece of your choice.

All-time Favorite: Bridal Chignon


You can never go wrong with a bridal chignon. It looks great in any season but it looks best on a winter wedding. This classic favorite bridal hair comes in different styles, too. It looks sophisticated and looks timeless. You can be sure to look beautiful and not outdated on your wedding photos for years to come. It would take hairspray and professional hair stylist skills to make sure this hairstyle remains in place.

Vintage Wedding Hollywood Style: Glam ‘60s


If you are endowed with naturally curly hair, then this glamorous wedding hairstyle is for you. This bridal style is more laidback yet never less classy and glamorous than other wedding hairstyles. This bridal hairstyle looks best on a high-necked bridal dress. Embellish this vintage glam wedding hairstyle with a sparkly hair pin or a lovely floral hair bridal accessory.

Low-Key yet Sexy: French Bridal Twist


If you are thinking about doing your own bridal hair, then why not go for a French bridal twist. It keeps your long hair off your back in a very attractive way. This bridal hairstyle is ideal for a collared wedding gown.

Easy and Elegant: Low Wedding Bun


Bridal elegance usually comes in a rather too formal style but sporting a low bun on your wedding day gives you effortless elegance on your bridal look. Make the look more interesting by weaving in cute clips through the hair. You might also consider subtly framing the face with a side-swept fringe. It is a classic on a wedding day!

Extra tips: Make sure to eat healthy and hydrate yourself to have a healthy and easy to style hair on your big day. Also get a professional hairstylist to create the Best Bridal Hair in DC.

Tips on What and How to Wear Autumn Shades from a Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC

Now We had said goodbye to summer and to its brilliant shades of makeup. No more hot pinks and bright blues. Take it from a trusted Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC to know what shades work best on brides this autumn season. This season’s palette may not be as vibrant as summer but it is never less stunning.

Tips on What Shades to Wear: Autumn Shades including Russets, Golds, Plums and Reds1                                                                 Image from:

This season goes for rich shades of tan, orange, gold, brown, plum and deep reds. The weather might be cool but autumn shades that work best as eyeshadows, blushes, are definitely warm and rich. Fall is more about shades and tones of makeup that have that Earthy feel. They may be leaning towards rustic but these shades are definitely nothing short of elegance.



                                                  Image from:

Tips on How to Get a Stunning Fall Bridal Look

  1. Choose seasonal shades as stated above (e.g. tans, oranges, browns, golds).
  2. Create the bridal look starting from the eyes. Apply a sheer, creamy golden base on the eyelids. Make sure to apply it with even strokes starting from the lash line to the brow bone. Apply a soft brown shade with a shimmering finish on the lid starting from the lashes to the crease. Use a pointed pencil brush to apply a deep tan shade in the outer corner. Make sure to blend it up into the crease of your eyes. Finish the eye makeup with a full mascara and an eye liner.
  3. Don’t forget to apply primer and foundation.
  4. Contouring is definitely a must. Go for warmer shades for your blush or a bronzer. Apply a soft matte bronzer gently on the hollows of the cheeks, temples, under the jaw and other low points of the face to contour your face. Finish the contouring by gently applying a soft shimmering mocha on the cheeks.
  5. Since you already have strong eyes and a contoured face. Tone it down by wearing soft, matte nude lipstick.

Get that warm bridal glow that captures the mood of this autumn season by contracting a professional Makeup artist in DC. Not all shades of autumn works on just about everyone. Hiring a professional makeup artist who knows what autumn shades work best on you and your skin tone is the best way to make sure you look your best on your wedding day.


Summer is over but you still need to take good care of your hair. This time it’s a lot simpler. Having healthy and strong hair is as important as having a professional artist style your Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC. Follow these hair care tips to have shiny, soft and healthy hair for cold season weddings.

1 2


It’s like detoxifying your hair. Use a clarifying shampoo or have your hair professionally clarified so as to get rid of the hair products such as salt spray and SPF products that you have applied during summer. This will make your hair completely clean and shiny for the new season.

Deep condition


To make sure your hair restore its moisture and elasticity after summer, apply hot oil treatment or natural oils then use a deep conditioning treatment. Deep conditioning works better after clarifying your hair.


This autumn you must not forget to trim or have your hair dusted. If you don’t want to cut your hair then have it dusted. Dusting only cuts the tiniest length of hair to get rid of split ends without noticeably affecting the length of your hair.


Cold weather is not much a threat to your hair but when it is paired up with rain crazy frizz can happen. This is why you should not skip using an anti-frizz product.


This is definitely a must in an autumn season where there is the wind, heating and blow drying that can mess up with your hair. Sweater and faux fur collars can also cause damage to your hair. This is why you should properly moisturize your hair. You can choose to apply DIY mask each week. If you don’t have much time to spare then consider using a moisturizing shampoo or leave-in.


If you are shedding off hair, then grab a bristle brush, essential oil and a scalp massager. Massage your scalp at least once every 2 days for a minimum of 10 minutes. This will increase blood circulation, fasten hair growth and makes your hair healthier.

4   Now you know how to take care of your hair the next step is to find the Best hair for Weddings in DC.

Bridal Hair and Makeup for Weddings Rules

Having knowledge is always an advantage. This rule also applies in your bridal hair and makeup. You can’t leave it all up to your hair and makeup artist. To have the Best Bridal Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC you must educate yourself on which bridal look works best on you. Here are three basic rules to help you out.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC

Rule No. 1 Be the Better Version of Yourself – Stick to your Natural Beauty

Remember how Kate Middleton chose to do her own bridal makeup because she wanted Prince William to see her as she normally is when he sees her walked down the aisle? If you are good at doing your makeup, then you can choose to do it like Kate, but be sure to have someone else do your hair. If you are going to hire a makeup artist, communicate to him or her that you simply want to enhance your natural features. Your makeup should reflect your personality. Most bridal hair and makeup artists apply this principle. You must not look so different than who you are.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC1Rule No.2 Always Have a Hair and Makeup Trial

You cannot risk to experiment on your hair and makeup on the day of your wedding. Be sure to have a trial with your hair and makeup artist. In this way, you can work together to create the bridal hair and makeup that looks best on you. Ideally, you should book a trial at least two weeks before your big day. This gives you enough time to find another artist if you are not satisfied with the trial and it will also allow your makeup artist to remember the bridal look during the trial run.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC2Rule No.3 Do not Do Anything Drastic the Day of Your Wedding or a Week Before It

Never get a perm or chemically straighten your hair when your wedding is coming up. Aside from deviating from your natural looks, it can also lead to hair damage or disaster. You’ll never know how your hair will react. Do not have a facial when your wedding is too near. Do not wax the day of your wedding. Doing these two can make your skin look red. Get the best services for Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC.


Bridal Hair and Wedding Accessories

Now that you have your wedding dress, it’s time to think about what hairstyle and what accessories to wear on your special day. You can wear your hair up or down. You can stick to a traditional veil with tiara or combs or go for something else. To get the best Bridal Hair in DC, carefully choose your hairstylist, your hairstyle and the accessories that will adorn your hair. Here are some tips and ideas to help you choose your bridal hair accessory:

Bridal Hair in DC

  • Make sure the headdress or hair accessory you choose have the same shade of color as your dress or it should harmonize with your dress. Your hair accessory should not look like it belongs to another dress.
  • If you want to have some color on your bridal look, go for a floral hair accessory. It can be floral wreath, a single bloom, a flower comb and many other kinds of floral accessory. It is perfect for bohemian themed weddings, rustic weddings but they can also look good on any wedding theme.
  • Take your time in choosing your hair accessory or headdress. Consider how it will look like in photographs too.
  • Decide on a hairstyle before choosing your hair accessory or headdress. Not all hairstyles look great on a particular hair accessory and vise versa.
  • You can also do your own headdress or hair accessory on your wedding day. Here are some ideas on how to create your own bridal hair accessory:

– Buy a simple (without embellishment) hair comb.

– Choose what kind of embellishment you want to have on your bridal headpiece. It can be feathers, fake jewels or pearls. You can also use flowers to decorate your hair comb.

– Cover the comb with satin or velvet ribbon.

– Decorate the comb with your chosen embellishment.

Bridal Hair in DC2You can always ask a professional Hair for Weddings in Washington DC for suggestions on what kind of headpieces look great on particular hairstyles. Check out gorgeous bridal hairstyles at Knowing what hairstyle you want to have will make it easier for you to decide on what bridal headpiece to wear.



Wedding Makeup Artist Tips and Inspiration

There are so many bridal makeup inspirations to choose from. Sometimes having too many options makes the decision harder. First of all you would a Makeup Artist for Weddings in Washington, DC. But you should also do your own homework so you can give your makeup artist an idea on what look you want to have on your wedding day. Here are some makeup tips and inspirations to help you out in choosing your bridal makeup.

Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC4Makeup Tips

  • Choose a bridal look that represents who you are. You may be tempted to transform your looks on your wedding day but the best way to go is to stick with a makeup style that still shows your natural beauty. Your bridal makeup is meant to enhance your natural features not alter it.
  • Make sure you already have a dress before deciding on your makeup. Your dress should complement your dress and matches the overall theme of your wedding.
  • Be open to invest on your wedding makeup. This is not to say you need to get the highest price. The point is to stick to your overall budget but be ready to spend a little extra money to get a trusted and experienced makeup artist. Your bridal look will be remembered through decades especially when they can be seen on your wedding photographs. Make sure your bridal look is timeless.

Bridal Makeup Inspirations

Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC5There are many sources of bridal makeup inspirations. You can browse the magazines, search online, and even chooseo t recreate looks of celebrities. A professional makeup artist can recreate a look of a celebrity that is suited to your own features. Here are some celebrity makeup looks that can work as a bridal makeup:

Carrie Underwood’s look is perfect for weddings. It looks elegant and romantic. Her eye makeup is perfect for brides. Her eyes look gorgeous and expressive. The rest of the face is kept simple but very lovely. It looks great in photographs.

Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC6If you have the same fun and quirky personality like Katy, then go for a bold color lipstick on your wedding day. Bright lips are in trend and looks really pretty too. You would also look more radiant in photos.

See more wedding makeup inspirations at . See bridal looks of real women created by a talented Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC.




Professional Makeup Artist’s Advice on How to Get Fuller Lips

Angelina Jolie’s full and luscious lips are definitely envied by many. It’s not at all surprising. Fuller lips are just sexier and more kissable. No wonder some even go under the knife to achieve fuller lips– injecting collagen in their lips. But you need not go through such procedure with the help of a Makeup Artist in Washington, DC. A professional makeup artist knows the tricks and techniques to make your lips thicker and fuller. But if you want to do it on your own here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

Makeup Artist in Washington, DCLip Plumpers

For an instant luscious and thicker lips, pair up your lipstick with a gloss. Use the lip plumping kind of gloss. You can even go without lipstick or liner, just simply swipe a plumping lip gloss to naturally make your lips fuller.

Lip Liner

A simple way to make your lips bigger is to use a lip liner. What makes a lip liner even better is that it can make lipstick stay on so much longer and make your lips more luscious.

Increase Blood Flow

Lips can look pale and thin if it lacks blood circulations. To improve blood circulation, exfoliate your lips. Exfoliating your lips make your lips fuller, healthier and redder as it promotes blood flow. It also removes dead skin cells. Here are some ways to exfoliate lips:

  • Brush your lips but don’t overdo it. Use an extra soft toothbrush.
  • Make your own exfoliator. Use honey and sugar. Massage your mixture of honey and sugar on your lips for one minute. Leave it on for another minute then massage it again. Remove sugar and honey using warm water.
  • Exercise your lips. Move your lips as if you are enunciating the letter U then move them backwards into a smile. Repeat this movement for at least twenty times.

Makeup Artist in Washington, DC1You don’t have to go through an invasive procedure to get fuller lips. Having fuller and luscious lips can be achieved naturally. For more makeup inspiration, makeup tricks and natural beauty tips, visit Learn more makeup techniques straight from a trusted Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC.


Characteristics of a Successful Makeup Artist

Do you want to turn your passion for makeup into a career? You can be the next sought after Makeup Artist in DC. If you want to become a successful makeup artist, you would need to develop skills and undergo training. They don’t happen in just a month. It takes practice and experience. They are developed through time. But aside from skills and training, you should also have the right attitude. Here are four of the important traits any makeup artist should have to advance his or her career.

Makeup Artist in DC3Versatility and Flexibility

A makeup artist is expected to have versatile skills in makeup. Every client has different needs, different personality and different expectations. As a makeup artist you should be able to adapt to any client and any situation. Makeup is needed in so many different occasions and events. You will have an edge is you know how to create different styles of makeup. You can be a bridal makeup artist who also knows how to create avant-garde makeup.

As a makeup artist you are expected to be flexible not only skills-wise but also in a number of situations and working environment. You can work at a tv studio, a fashion show, a hotel, a client’s home and even in a ladies bathroom. You are also flexible when it comes to working hours. You can offer your services very early in the morning or at night if you have to especially if you are at the beginning of your career. You want to establish a reputation not only for your makeup skills but also for how you handle your clients. You want to be known as a makeup artist whom people want to work with.

Makeup Artist in DC4Keen Attention to Detail

A successful makeup artist pays attention to detail. S/he knows how to recreate the same look as needed especially if you are working in for TV makeup, theatre makeup and movie makeup. This characteristic is also important when doing bridal makeup. You are expected to recreate the bridal look you created during the makeup trial.

A Steady Hand

A makeup artist is not called an artist without being one. Instead of a canvas, a makeup artist works on a face. As a makeup artist having a steady hand is important in applying makeup. It takes practice and persistence. Every effort is paid off since soon enough applying makeup would come so naturally that your hands would seem like working on their own. Learn more about on how to become a successful Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC.

Wedding Day Essentials: Hair and Makeup Artist

If you want to look picture perfect on your wedding day, having a professional artist for your Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC is a must. You would need a professional hair and makeup artist to make sure your beauty also translates in photos. Having a good photographer coupled with the right hair and makeup artist captures your best bridal look.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in DCYou don’t have to worry about melting makeup and hair frizzing when you have a professional handle your hair and makeup on your big day. Here are more reasons why you need to hire a professional hair and makeup artist.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC1

  • A professional hair and makeup artist has the training, experience and skills to make sure you look your best. S/he is updated with the latest trends while having a good grasp on classic bridal looks. S/he can give you the best of both for a bridal look that is timeless and elegant. You will still look great even if you look back at your pictures decades from now.
  • Professional makeup artists use high-quality cosmetic products and observe proper hygiene with the makeup tools they use.
  • A professional makeup artist know what product to use and how to apply them to blend well with your skin, hide imperfections, emphasize your natural features and make sure you look radiant and fresh throughout the day. A professional artist also knows what makeup to use and how to apply them that would look great on photos.
  • Having a hair artist will relieve you of the stress of getting your hair out of place and frizzy. A hairstylist can make sure your hair will hold up and look good throughout the event. You can enjoy your special day with a great hair day.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC2For your hair and makeup, the best option is to contract a professional artist for bridal hair and makeup for weddings in WashingtonDC. You don’t get married every day. It is definitely worth to invest on your hair and makeup. Aside from looking great you will also feel better. Preparing for a wedding can be really stressful; you deserve to have a professional artist handle your hair and makeup. Get to know one of the trusted names for Bridal Hair and Makeup in Washington DC .