Professional Makeup Artist’s Advice on How to Get Fuller Lips

Angelina Jolie’s full and luscious lips are definitely envied by many. It’s not at all surprising. Fuller lips are just sexier and more kissable. No wonder some even go under the knife to achieve fuller lips– injecting collagen in their lips. But you need not go through such procedure with the help of a Makeup Artist in Washington, DC. A professional makeup artist knows the tricks and techniques to make your lips thicker and fuller. But if you want to do it on your own here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

Makeup Artist in Washington, DCLip Plumpers

For an instant luscious and thicker lips, pair up your lipstick with a gloss. Use the lip plumping kind of gloss. You can even go without lipstick or liner, just simply swipe a plumping lip gloss to naturally make your lips fuller.

Lip Liner

A simple way to make your lips bigger is to use a lip liner. What makes a lip liner even better is that it can make lipstick stay on so much longer and make your lips more luscious.

Increase Blood Flow

Lips can look pale and thin if it lacks blood circulations. To improve blood circulation, exfoliate your lips. Exfoliating your lips make your lips fuller, healthier and redder as it promotes blood flow. It also removes dead skin cells. Here are some ways to exfoliate lips:

  • Brush your lips but don’t overdo it. Use an extra soft toothbrush.
  • Make your own exfoliator. Use honey and sugar. Massage your mixture of honey and sugar on your lips for one minute. Leave it on for another minute then massage it again. Remove sugar and honey using warm water.
  • Exercise your lips. Move your lips as if you are enunciating the letter U then move them backwards into a smile. Repeat this movement for at least twenty times.

Makeup Artist in Washington, DC1You don’t have to go through an invasive procedure to get fuller lips. Having fuller and luscious lips can be achieved naturally. For more makeup inspiration, makeup tricks and natural beauty tips, visit Learn more makeup techniques straight from a trusted Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC.



Characteristics of a Successful Makeup Artist

Do you want to turn your passion for makeup into a career? You can be the next sought after Makeup Artist in DC. If you want to become a successful makeup artist, you would need to develop skills and undergo training. They don’t happen in just a month. It takes practice and experience. They are developed through time. But aside from skills and training, you should also have the right attitude. Here are four of the important traits any makeup artist should have to advance his or her career.

Makeup Artist in DC3Versatility and Flexibility

A makeup artist is expected to have versatile skills in makeup. Every client has different needs, different personality and different expectations. As a makeup artist you should be able to adapt to any client and any situation. Makeup is needed in so many different occasions and events. You will have an edge is you know how to create different styles of makeup. You can be a bridal makeup artist who also knows how to create avant-garde makeup.

As a makeup artist you are expected to be flexible not only skills-wise but also in a number of situations and working environment. You can work at a tv studio, a fashion show, a hotel, a client’s home and even in a ladies bathroom. You are also flexible when it comes to working hours. You can offer your services very early in the morning or at night if you have to especially if you are at the beginning of your career. You want to establish a reputation not only for your makeup skills but also for how you handle your clients. You want to be known as a makeup artist whom people want to work with.

Makeup Artist in DC4Keen Attention to Detail

A successful makeup artist pays attention to detail. S/he knows how to recreate the same look as needed especially if you are working in for TV makeup, theatre makeup and movie makeup. This characteristic is also important when doing bridal makeup. You are expected to recreate the bridal look you created during the makeup trial.

A Steady Hand

A makeup artist is not called an artist without being one. Instead of a canvas, a makeup artist works on a face. As a makeup artist having a steady hand is important in applying makeup. It takes practice and persistence. Every effort is paid off since soon enough applying makeup would come so naturally that your hands would seem like working on their own. Learn more about on how to become a successful Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC.

Wedding Day Essentials: Hair and Makeup Artist

If you want to look picture perfect on your wedding day, having a professional artist for your Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC is a must. You would need a professional hair and makeup artist to make sure your beauty also translates in photos. Having a good photographer coupled with the right hair and makeup artist captures your best bridal look.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in DCYou don’t have to worry about melting makeup and hair frizzing when you have a professional handle your hair and makeup on your big day. Here are more reasons why you need to hire a professional hair and makeup artist.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC1

  • A professional hair and makeup artist has the training, experience and skills to make sure you look your best. S/he is updated with the latest trends while having a good grasp on classic bridal looks. S/he can give you the best of both for a bridal look that is timeless and elegant. You will still look great even if you look back at your pictures decades from now.
  • Professional makeup artists use high-quality cosmetic products and observe proper hygiene with the makeup tools they use.
  • A professional makeup artist know what product to use and how to apply them to blend well with your skin, hide imperfections, emphasize your natural features and make sure you look radiant and fresh throughout the day. A professional artist also knows what makeup to use and how to apply them that would look great on photos.
  • Having a hair artist will relieve you of the stress of getting your hair out of place and frizzy. A hairstylist can make sure your hair will hold up and look good throughout the event. You can enjoy your special day with a great hair day.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC2For your hair and makeup, the best option is to contract a professional artist for bridal hair and makeup for weddings in WashingtonDC. You don’t get married every day. It is definitely worth to invest on your hair and makeup. Aside from looking great you will also feel better. Preparing for a wedding can be really stressful; you deserve to have a professional artist handle your hair and makeup. Get to know one of the trusted names for Bridal Hair and Makeup in Washington DC .

Guidelines to Bridal Headpieces

What does it take to have the Best Bridal Hair in Washington, DC? Aside from the hairstyle, your bridal headpiece can make the difference. There are a few factors to consider what kind of headpiece to go for factors such as the dress, the wedding theme and the hairstyle. But aside from these three you should also consider the shape of your face. Here are some tips to help you out in choosing which bridal headpiece suits your face shape.


Bridal Hair in Washington, DC1

Bridal Hair in Washington, DCIf you are endowed with a perfectly proportionate face then you have an oval face like Jessica Alba. This is the most versatile of all face shapes when it comes to styling. You can get away with any hairstyle and any headpiece that you want.


Bridal Hair in Washington, DC2If you have a rounded chin to go with a rounded hairline then you should choose a headpiece that will make your face look longer such as a wide headband or a headpiece comb placed to the side. A large bloom tucked behind your ear won’t look that flattering on you since it will draw attention to the sides of your face.


Bridal Hair in Washington, DC3If your shape resembles that of Reese Witherspoon or that of Kim Kardashian then you have a heart-shaped face. Choose a headpiece that will draw attention to your cheekbones. Ideally, place your headpiece above your ear or along your hairline. You can also look great wearing traditional bridal headpieces and a halo headpiece.


Bridal Hair in Washington, DC5If your face has angular jawline like Keira Knightley, wear a headpiece near the temple to soften the harsh lines of your square face. You would look great with textured curls and a side part. You can also wear wide headbands to make your face a bit rounder and less angular.


Bridal Hair in Washington, DC6If you have a long and rectangular face like Sarah Jessica Parker then wear your hair with soft curls and waves. Embellished your bridal hair with a pretty headpiece like a rhinestone comb at the side or a large flower tucked behind one of your ears. If you want to wear a veil, choose one that doesn’t add height at the top of the head.

If you still can’t decide on what headpiece to wear, then consult a professional for Bridal Hair in, DC. You can learn more about bridal hair at




Wedding Hairstyles that Flatter the Shape of Your Face

Your hairstyle can definitely make a difference on how you would look on your wedding day. When choosing your wedding hairstyle, always consider the shape of your face. If you still don’t know the shape of your face, trace the outline of your face using a lip liner or an eyebrow pencil. Check what shape appears. Once you identify the shape of your face, you can now choose which hairstyle flatters the shape of your face then hire a professional to make sure you get a perfect Hair for Weddings in DC.

Oval Face

If you are blessed with an oval face, then you can simply choose whatever hairstyle you want. Your proportionate shaped face works well with any style. If you want to highlight your perfectly shaped face then sweep back your hair up for an elegant look. You can also choose to let your hair down and style them into soft feminine waves that are styled away from the face to highlight your cheekbones.

Hair for Weddings in DCRound Face

To add length to your face and minimize the width, go for high wedding up-dos. Let a few wisps of hair frame your face. If you want to wear your hair down, go for long or wavy locks to add length to your face and lessen the width of your face. Side-swept bangs also look great on a round face.

Hair for Weddings in DC1Heart Shaped Face

If you have a heart-shaped face then you have broad foreheads and narrow are around the chin. To fill the jawline you can go for a texturized bob. If you want to wear your hair up then go for a slightly off-center part with the addition of braids that look like a crown.

Hair for Weddings in DC2Square Face

To tone down the harsh jawline of your face, wear a soft and romantic low bun. You can also wear your hair down into a center part with long, straight tresses. This hair down style will soften the harsh corners of your face and draw attention to your face. You can also go for big glamorous curls that will draw attention away from your jaw area.

Hair for Weddings in DC3Long Face

Hair for Weddings in DC4Go for a classic top knot. The bun should be placed at the back part of the head to avoid adding length to the face. You can also go for long-side sweeping curls to add more width to your face and to give an illusion of roundness. Exposing your ears can also add more width to your face and show off your cheekbones. To see more styles of Hair for Weddings in Washington DC, go to

Planning Your Bridal Makeup for your Wedding Day

Are you soon-to-be a bride in this beautiful capital of the country? Then it’s about time you start planning your wedding makeup. You can’t depend everything on your Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC. Experimenting on your bridal makeup ahead of time gives you the advantage of arriving at the best and most gorgeous bridal look that enhances your natural features and complements your wedding dress. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when planning your bridal makeup:

Makeup Artist for Weddings in DCChoose a makeup artist in advance. This is a very special day of your life. You better make the right decision in choosing who will do your makeup on your big day. Make sure you get to see the makeup artist’s portfolio to see if his or her work matches your standard and style. Makeup artists have other appointments so you better book him or her bridal services in advance.

  • Book a trial makeup. If you want to look your best on your wedding day. Set an appointment with your makeup artist to have your bridal makeup trial ideally 4 weeks or more before your wedding day. Be sure to bring with you a photo of your gown and if you can also bring the accessories you will wear on your big day. Have a friend accompany you so he or she can give an honest feedback on how you look. Also bring a camera so you can check how you would look on photos.
  • Bring images of what you like and you don’t like is a must! That way there will be no room for miscommunication in what you desire your makeup to look on your wedding day

Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC1Prepare your skin. A good canvas can make a difference on how makeup is applied. If you have a good complexion with minimal flaws, then you can get away with less makeup. Prepare your skin to be at its top condition before your wedding day. You must get enough rest and sleep. Eat healthy. Go for fruits and veggies and refrain from junk food as of the moment. Hydrate yourself and your skin by drinking plenty of water.

Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC2

Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC3Consider the theme of the wedding when planning your makeup. There are so many ways to do a bridal makeup. Be sure you go for a look that would complement or match the theme of the wedding. Your makeup should not overwhelm your dress. Be ready to listen to your makeup artist. He or she will give you excellent suggestions on what makeup would look great that will suit the mood of the occasion.

Planning and preparation can save you from makeup disaster on your wedding day. Still looking for a Makeup Artist for Weddings in Washington DC?

More Details for Makeup Artist Visit to get to know one of the most trusted talents when it comes to bridal hair and makeup in Washington, DC.



Our Makeup Artist in DC if Matte or Glossy?

As any professional Makeup Artist would say, just a swipe of lipstick can make a difference in your entire look. When it comes to lipstick there are so many options to choose from. Aside from the color, another decision to make is whether to go for a matte or a glossy finish. You can ask your Makeup Artist in DC which works best for you. But if you are doing makeup for just another day at work or you decided to do your own makeup then here is a guide in choosing what to wear. Matte or glossy? With the help of a well recognized celebrity makeup artist we enumerate some of the pros and cons of each finish.

Makeup Artist in DCMATTE LIPS

Our makeup artist says, you may not be a professional makeup artist but if you are still learning how to do your own makeup, then matte would be the best way to go. It is easier to apply than glossy type of lipstick. In general, matte lipstick or a lipstick with a creamy finish looks better in pictures than a glossy one. It is also more suitable for a day makeup. Glossy finish may be too glaring for day wear. Matte is also more manageable. The downside of wearing matte lipstick is that it may feel and look dry.

Makeup Artist in DC1GLOSSY LIPS

For evening makeup and for special occasions, your makeup artist in DC would certainly recommend you to rock glossy red lips. It looks sexier and can catch more attention. Another advantage of wearing glossy lipstick is that your lips would look and feel more hydrated. It is perfect for days or evenings when you feel like being more upbeat. However, glossy lipstick can feel sticky unless you choose a good brand. It also takes more skills to apply gloss to avoid looking messy. Ask your professional makeup artist the right way to achieve this look.

Makeup Artist in DC2Still not decided what finish to go for? Well, it may depend on your mood as well. If you want to go for a simple and more carefree look then a creamy lipstick look would be a better option. If you want to wear red lips then matte would be a great option too since a pair of glossy red lips may be too much. But if you want to wear juicy and dewy pair of lips then go for a glossy finish. If you want to have the best of both then you can go for a satin finish. For special occasions, book a Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC to make sure your lips would look perfect whether it is matte or glossy.

For more makeup tips visit: