Bridal Hair and Makeup for Weddings Rules

Having knowledge is always an advantage. This rule also applies in your bridal hair and makeup. You can’t leave it all up to your hair and makeup artist. To have the Best Bridal Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC you must educate yourself on which bridal look works best on you. Here are three basic rules to help you out.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC

Rule No. 1 Be the Better Version of Yourself – Stick to your Natural Beauty

Remember how Kate Middleton chose to do her own bridal makeup because she wanted Prince William to see her as she normally is when he sees her walked down the aisle? If you are good at doing your makeup, then you can choose to do it like Kate, but be sure to have someone else do your hair. If you are going to hire a makeup artist, communicate to him or her that you simply want to enhance your natural features. Your makeup should reflect your personality. Most bridal hair and makeup artists apply this principle. You must not look so different than who you are.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC1Rule No.2 Always Have a Hair and Makeup Trial

You cannot risk to experiment on your hair and makeup on the day of your wedding. Be sure to have a trial with your hair and makeup artist. In this way, you can work together to create the bridal hair and makeup that looks best on you. Ideally, you should book a trial at least two weeks before your big day. This gives you enough time to find another artist if you are not satisfied with the trial and it will also allow your makeup artist to remember the bridal look during the trial run.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC2Rule No.3 Do not Do Anything Drastic the Day of Your Wedding or a Week Before It

Never get a perm or chemically straighten your hair when your wedding is coming up. Aside from deviating from your natural looks, it can also lead to hair damage or disaster. You’ll never know how your hair will react. Do not have a facial when your wedding is too near. Do not wax the day of your wedding. Doing these two can make your skin look red. Get the best services for Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC.