Wedding Makeup Artist Tips and Inspiration

There are so many bridal makeup inspirations to choose from. Sometimes having too many options makes the decision harder. First of all you would a Makeup Artist for Weddings in Washington, DC. But you should also do your own homework so you can give your makeup artist an idea on what look you want to have on your wedding day. Here are some makeup tips and inspirations to help you out in choosing your bridal makeup.

Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC4Makeup Tips

  • Choose a bridal look that represents who you are. You may be tempted to transform your looks on your wedding day but the best way to go is to stick with a makeup style that still shows your natural beauty. Your bridal makeup is meant to enhance your natural features not alter it.
  • Make sure you already have a dress before deciding on your makeup. Your dress should complement your dress and matches the overall theme of your wedding.
  • Be open to invest on your wedding makeup. This is not to say you need to get the highest price. The point is to stick to your overall budget but be ready to spend a little extra money to get a trusted and experienced makeup artist. Your bridal look will be remembered through decades especially when they can be seen on your wedding photographs. Make sure your bridal look is timeless.

Bridal Makeup Inspirations

Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC5There are many sources of bridal makeup inspirations. You can browse the magazines, search online, and even chooseo t recreate looks of celebrities. A professional makeup artist can recreate a look of a celebrity that is suited to your own features. Here are some celebrity makeup looks that can work as a bridal makeup:

Carrie Underwood’s look is perfect for weddings. It looks elegant and romantic. Her eye makeup is perfect for brides. Her eyes look gorgeous and expressive. The rest of the face is kept simple but very lovely. It looks great in photographs.

Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC6If you have the same fun and quirky personality like Katy, then go for a bold color lipstick on your wedding day. Bright lips are in trend and looks really pretty too. You would also look more radiant in photos.

See more wedding makeup inspirations at . See bridal looks of real women created by a talented Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC.




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