Perfect Hair For the Perfect Wedding in DC

If you are getting Hair for Weddings in DC soon then you’re probably getting a bit stressed with all the arrangements. You have probably been looking through dozens of bridal magazines trying to get ideas for what type of dress you want, where the wedding will take place, what type of flowers you want, what will be on the menu, what will be the theme, how your hair will look, what photographer you will use, where the venue will be etc etc. These types of questions must be going round and round in your mind and driving you crazy.Audrey Bethards, Hair stylist and Makeup artist in Washington, DC. Providing hair stylist and makeup artist services for Fashion, Bridal, Runway Fashion Shows, Photography, HDTV Video Film, Galas and Special Events. With more than 30 years in the beauty industry. She has a high experience and reliable reputation in the Washington DC – Baltimore, MD – Northern Virginia area.

Hair for Weddings in DC3With regards to all of the above I think you need to get professionals especially when it comes to having your hair done. Your wedding day photographs are going to be on display for years to come so making sure you look great has got paramount. Hair salons offer bridal hair services so it is just a matter of choosing the right one. If you use a hair salon and you know they always do a good job then I would stick to what you know. If you’re not really into having you hair cut and styled by professionals you might want to try some out. Having a consultation well before the wedding is a must as there are so many options.

Hair tied up looks great on some people but not on others. This is because everyone has a different facial structure. According to the experts people with round faces should have extra height on top and those with long faces need extra width on the sides. Trying out different hair styles well before the wedding is a must.

Hair for Weddings in DC1One essential thing to remember in preparation of your wedding day is to touch up your highlights if you generally color your hair. This should be done one week before your big day. Apply a semi-permanent gloss a few days before to give a natural shine. If you have chosen to get married on the beach or a different location abroad, then it is advised to choose a simple style, particularly if you are planning on doing your hair yourself, or if you are hiring a stylist at your chosen destination. A safe option would be to have your hair natural and flowing. It is also important to take into account that beach weddings can be a breezy occasion. Therefore, if you decide to wear your hair up, ensure that you use a sufficient amount of clips.

Once you have accepted your proposal, there are a million and one things to organize, some can be rather tedious, and some exciting, but for some reason hair styling seems to give the bride to be the most satisfaction. After all, a bride wants to look at nothing but her best on her wedding day.

Ensure that you select the Bridal Hair in Washington, DC style that you want and are happy with. It is your big day, so it is important that you look and feel your best. Regardless of whether you choose traditional, casual, or modern, your hair and dress are always the first things to be seen by your guests, and of course the groom. Ensure that you know which style you want and take advice from your stylist to be certain that you have a wonderful wedding day.Audrey Bethards, want to ensure your bridal beauty appearance is worthy of the enchanted fairy tale dream you have envisioned. The key to really nail your bridal makeup is to contract a makeup artist who has a vast experience in doing bridal makeup. Get to know one at


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