Different Ways to Wear Hair Flowers on Your Wedding Day

Flower crowns are no longer limited to brides who want to go for a bohemian look. Flowers worn into your hair is not just for little flower girls. Even brides who want to go for a traditional themed wedding can pull off a floral accessory on their bridal hair. Many women are exchanging traditional veils with delicate and beautiful flower crowns. There are many ways to wear flowers on your wedding hair. They would make a great addition to your Hair for Weddings in DC.

Dainty Flower Hair Comb

This is perfect for brides who want something in between a single bloom and a full crown. This is also recommended for brides who still want to wear a veil on their wedding day. A flower comb paired with a veil is perfection. You can also wear a flower hair comb on its own. What makes it even better is that you can do your own flower comb so you can get to choose specific flowers you want to wear on your hair.

Hair for Weddings in DC


Single Bloom

If you are looking for simplicity on your wedding day, then go for a single bloom pinned on your hairdo or tucked behind your ear. Go for a flower with large and full blooms to make it more attractive especially when captured on photographs.

Hair for Weddings in DC1

Image from: http://www.mymakeupbook.com

Hair for Weddings in DC2

Unique Succulent Crown

Is flower too cliché for you? Do you want something more fresh and earthy at the same time, then exchange your flower crown with a crown made of succulents and air plants. You can pair your succulent crown with a veil. You would definitely feel like a woodland princess.

Hair for Weddings in DC3

Soft and Beautiful Halo

To look stunningly ethereal on your wedding day, then go for a delicate halo bridal hair accessory. The combination of tiny buds and blooms gives that ethereal feel to your bridal look. This would look great with a loose side braid. It would also look perfect with soft waves.

Hair for Weddings in DC4Hair for Weddings in DC5

Hair for Weddings in DC6

Full Flower Crown

If you want a dramatic and eye catching bridal hair then go for a flower crown richly embellished with blooms of your choice.

Hair for Weddings in DC7

Knowing the kind of bridal hair you want to have is a big factor in choosing how what floral hair accessory to wear. To get more inspirations for Hair for Weddings in Washington DC.

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