Bridal Makeup Artist’s Must-Haves

There are so many bridal looks to choose from. You can keep your makeup light to highlight your natural features. You can go extra glamorous. You can rock a sun-kissed bridal look. Whatever makeup look you will wear on your wedding, make sure to hire a Makeup Artist in DC who knows how to highlight your best features and also knows how to create a great bridal hair. Aside from having gorgeous hair and makeup, you will need to have a long-lasting hair and makeup. Here is a shortlist of beauty products you never should go without.

Makeup Artist in DC

  • Trusted Primer – Never ever go without a primer. It is the foundation of all your makeup. It will diminish pores and blur fine lines. It is also responsible for keeping your makeup on. Get a killer primer to make sure your makeup last long and fresh.
  • Beige Eye shadow Base – If you are going for a smoky eye it will serve as a base to make your eye makeup on and looking great throughout the event. It can also be you whole shadow if you want to look more natural and sun-kissed.

Makeup Artist in DC1

  • Complexion Enhancer – A bride should always be the most radiant and glowing on her big day. To make sure you have dewy skin, apply a complexion enhancer that works best on you. You can choose from a BB cream, a tinted moisturizer or a full-on foundation to enhance your complexion. This is needed to look flawless and radiant on your wedding day.
  • The Right Shade of Blush – A bride should look blooming and happy on her day..A tinge of color on the cheeks would do the trick. Lighter skin tones look great with pink shades of blush while darker skin tones look gorgeous on peachy shades of blush. Use cream blush.
  • Black Mascara – For dramatic eyes always go for black mascara. Do not experiment on blue or brown mascara. A black mascara makes your eyes stand out the most no matter what the iris color.
  • Flattering Long-wear Lipstick – You can go subtle with nudes and lighter pinks. You can also go for an eye-popping bright pink and red lips.

Always keep these beauty essentials in mind and you’ll look effortlessly beautiful. To make the effort less hire a Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC. Learn more bridal inspirations at

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