Tips in Getting Beach Hair Waves in your Wedding day

Admit it, nothing looks more summer and sexier than rocking beach waves especially for weddings this hottest season of the year. Naturally-waved haired gals are not the only one who can nail this sexy and carefree look. You can flaunt gorgeous beach waves even without getting a professional do your Bridal Hair in Washington, DC. Here are tips and tricks on how to get beach waves depending on your type of hair.

Bridal Hair in Washington, DC

Bridal Hair in Washington, DC1


To emphasize your natural waves apply mousse to damp hair. Then dry your locks with a diffuser to enhance the waves you already have. When doing it on a dry hair you would need to flip head upside down then use thermal curl activator spray and then touch up waves using curling iron to get rid of frizz and to define ringlets. If you have short hair, all you have to do is wet your hair, apply mousse then scrunch and VOILA!

Bridal Hair in Washington, DC2

Bridal Hair in Washington, DC3

Curly hair

If you have curly hair you can either create waves from zero or to play with what you have. If you want to start from scratch you would need to blow dry hair smooth then with a 1-inch curling iron create curls on two-inch sections of hair. To complete the hair style, spritz sea salt spray all over. If you want to work on your natural curls then run a flat iron on dry hair starting from the middle to ends so that curls will stretch out. Separate the tips by applying pomade and dabbing on your fingers and rubbing it in.


Use a heat protecting spray to begin with. It is highly recommend choosing a heat protect spray that has a silky smooth finish. According to a professional stylist Jeanie Syfu in an article in DailyMakeover, once dry you must wrap two-inch sections of hair around the curling iron then alternate the direction being wrapped with each newly created piece. You should not aim to create perfect curls since uneven ones are so much enviable and will have the freshness you would want from having beach waves. It is recommended to spritz texturizing spray prior to creating waves especially for shorter hair.

Although achieving beach waves can be done on your own, when it comes to Bridal Hair in DC it is highly recommend to meet up and work with a professional hair stylist. To see more fantastic hair styles visit



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