Tips for Flawless Bridal Hair

It is worth to invest on your looks for your wedding day. Memories of this special day will be captured in photos. That’s why you definitely want to look your best. Make sure you get a professional stylist with a trusted name when it comes to Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC. Aside from getting a professional hair stylist here are some excellent tips to help you out.

Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC

  1. Show and communicate effectively – On your hair trial appointment, bring a photo of brides, models or celebrities with the hair style you want to get inspiration from. Also have a picture of your wedding dress to show to your hair stylist. This will make him or her understand the style you want for your wedding.
  2. Let your natural beauty shine through. Do not go for a drastic change for your wedding day. Do not change your hair color a couple of weeks before your wedding. Do not straighten your hair when you have beautiful curls. Work around your natural hair to make it look its best. Do not get a haircut the day before the wedding instead consult with your hair stylist way ahead of time if you need to grow your hair or if it needs to be layered or needs trimming.
  3. Be open to suggestions. Your hair trial gives you the opportunity to check how you feel about your hair style. Your hair stylist will give suggestions on what looks best on you. Be open but don’t feel pressure to go with their advice.

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Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC2

  1. Accessorize your locks. You can stick with a traditional Swarovski tiara or brooch but you can experiment and choose to wear bird-cage veils or go for a garland of flowers for a bohemian bridal look.
  2. Take care of your hair way weeks before your trial hair so it would be healthy and shiny. But don’t use any product on the day of the wedding. Your hair should be clean and dry. Silkening hair products can make the hair slippery making it difficult to work with.

Follow these simple tips and you are on your way for a great hair day on your wedding day. Contract an expert when it comes to Hair for Weddings in DC. To get more inspiration for your bridal hair visit

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