Tips and Tricks to Cover up Scars and Blemishes for a Flawless Bridal Look

The wedding day is definitely the perfect time to look flawless. But not everyone is blessed with perfectly smooth and radiant complexion. This is where a professional beauty expert comes in to do your Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC. But aside from having a professional works his or her way to give you an impeccable look, here are some ways to help you heal, cover or minimize scars and blemishes.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in DCHow to Heal

If you have a scar which is flat and less than two years, it may disappear or diminish. To help in the healing process, consistently do these two important things: First is to wear clothing or a sunscreen to protect the scar from the sun. Second is to heal the scar by applying products that contains skin-healing ingredients such as vitamin C, antioxidant quercetin and petrolatum. The rule is the sooner you do things to reduce the appearance of a scar, the better it is because the complete process of forming a scar takes two years.

How to Disguise

If you want to cover up a scar immediately then the best way to go is applying a full coverage concealer using a concealer brush or your clean finger. Dab it in thin layers.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC1

How to Neutralize

The trick is to use a color on the opposite end of the color wheel to neutralize or cancel out the other color you want to hide. For instance if you have a red scar, apply a concealer with a green undertone. Using the same tone of concealer with the scar will only lighten it instead of neutralizing the color to make it less visible. For a keloid scar use a matching shade of concealer never a lighter shade so that the scar will not draw attention to itself. Another trick is to press the setting powder over the area instead of simply dusting it off with a fluffy brush for a lasting coverage.

What to Avoid

Do not expose a scar to the sun without protection. Sun rays damage the skin and delays healing. Avoid using drying cleaner such as bar soaps and other products that have irritating ingredients. Do not submerged the scar area in the water for a long period of time since it can also delay healing or cause improper healing just like unprotected sun exposure.

The key to perfectly radiant and flawless look on your wedding is to have a trusted artist do your Bridal Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC.

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