Quick Fix Tips for Hair and Makeup

It usually takes a professional artist to get the best Hair and Makeup in DC. But for everyday look you can do these tips and tricks to make you look and feel good.

  • For Instant Clean Skin, lightly apply toner on your face then gently pat with a tissue. To get rid of oily skin dust loose powder.
  • Hydrate your skin by moisturizing it with conditioner. Simply massage the conditioner all over your body in the shower then rinse and dry. No need to apply lotion and wait for the skin to absorb it.

Makeup Artist for Weddings in Washington, DC

  • Wear a warm pink lipstick to give an illusion of flawless skin. Concealer is not the only way to hide unwanted blemishes, to have that perfect complexion wear pink on your lips so the eyes of people will be diverted from flaws on your skin.
  • If your hair feels heavy because of grease or too many products, dust translucent powder over your roots then comb through to lighten your hair quickly.

Makeup Artist in DC2

  • To get rid of frizz, damp hands with water and hand lotion then grab your hair and make a French twist. Wear it only for ten minutes then undo the French twist. Lo and behold, frizz-free hair.
  • If you have limited time, focus on the front and top of your locks. As long as the front part looks done you will look good. T-zone blow-dry is the way to go.
  • Apply eyeliner to have instant sultry eyes perfect for evenings.
  • To look good and keep the hair off your face, do a ponytail. It is easy, simple yet pretty. Spritz the ponytail with hairspray to keep the do in place.

Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC

  • To have an instant glowing skin for a long night, apply concealer under your eyes and your nose. Complete the look by applying bronzer on your cheeks.

These tips and tricks are perfect for women always on the go and for a smooth transition from day to night. But for special occasions like weddings, it is always to depend on a professional to do your Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC. Learn more about hair and makeup styles at http://www.mymakeupbook.com.


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