How to Stay Pretty On the Go

It is not always easy to stay pretty no matter where you are or what you do. If only you could have a Makeup Artist in DC on the go, then it could be easy. The good news is we have fabulous tips to keep you looking gorgeous despite your busy schedule. All you need to have is a handy beauty purse with all the right beauty products.

Makeup Artist in DC


To keep your brows in shape always have with you a waterproof pencil with a soft-hold gel and applicator. The pencil will fill in and define the brow while the soft-hold gel and applicator will tame your brows and keep them well-groomed.


No time for a salon to get to an event after work but need to perk up and freshen up your hair? Then bring with you a dry shampoo to instantly clean your hair without water. Spray it evenly then comb your hair focusing on the roots.

 Makeup Artist in DC2


Want to get rid of oil, dirt and makeup? Then have handy facial cleansing cloths with you for a one-swipe cleanser to cleanse, smoothen and refresh your skin. No need for water – very convenient. Just one swipe for a clean and radiant skin.

Makeup Artist in DC3


For radiant and glowing skin make sure you have a cute compact powder which gives you a sheer, oil-free, cream-to-powder complexion with a natural, silky finish. This would serve well for quick touch-up from work to an event.

Makeup Artist in DC1


Always have a travel size lip and cheek stain to give your lips and cheeks a natural flush. This gives your tired skin an instant glow by simply applying it on your cheeks. You can also apply it on your lips to give them a desirable pinkish color.

You don’t need to have everything on your beauty purse to look great on the go. You just need to have these essential products. But for events and occasions where you still have time to spare, it is always best to have a trusted Makeup Artist in Washington, DC. You ought to have a professional do your hair and makeup so as you would look great even in photographs. To learn more fabulous makeup tips and trends visit

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