The Different Summer Runway Hair and Makeup Looks

There is no single theme for summer 2014 hair and makeup. Fashion is embracing the beauty in diversity. From the expected bronzed complexion to soft and ethereal looks. Having the hottest Runway Hair and Makeup in DC is within your reach. Here are some of the best runway hair and makeup looks for summer 2014.

Soft White Shadows

At the backstage of Valentino, makeup artists are creating the sheerest washes of metallic eyeshadow according to Vogue. The look deviates from the usual warm tones of summer makeup. It instead goes for a subtle shades of milk golds and pale pearlescent shades. It does not glitter but softly sparkles. The shadow is barely noticeable on the eyelid. To complete the ethereal effect, apply mascara. This look is perfect for picnics, parties and other low-key summer days.

Hair and Makeup in DC

Natural Beauty

There’s nothing more simple and beautiful than a raw beauty. This is perfect for girls who are rather too busy for makeup. The purpose of this trend is to maintain natural look by putting less products and doing less styling. In catwalks, this is achieved by only concealing flaws with a little concealer. This also means defining features instead of transforming them so there is no need for a mascara. For the hair, you can simply wash and dry then apply a little oil to tame unwanted frizz. For the eyes, give a wash of pale color to enhance the shape and lighten the dark circles. You can still wear lipstick of course, but go for a shade which is close to your natural lip color.

Hair and Makeup in DC1

Sun-kissed Look

What is summer without that sexy bronze complexion? What is summer without the sun-kissed skin, flushed cheeks and warm shades. Summer glow never fades during the hottest season of the year. No need for so much contouring but go for a natural look with subtle color on the cheeks, brows and temples. This look is casual and sexy.

Hair and Makeup in DC2

With the variety of trends in hair and makeup, you can experiment and make the trend your own. To get the Best Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC go for a trusted name. See

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