Summer Weddings: Boho Bridal Hair Styles

Yes, there are many wedding themes for summer but there is nothing as fun and lovely like a boho wedding. If you want to deviate from the traditional black and tie wedding, go for a boho. It’s refreshing, ethereal and flirty. It’s like a fairytale wedding with you as the woodland princess. Here are some of the best boho bridal hair styles from an expert in Bridal Hair in DC.

What is a boho wedding without the carefree yet very lovely bridal hair? Here are some of the simple yet ethereal boho-inspired bridal hairs:

Unkempt Up Do

Bridal Hair in DC

Bridal Hair in DC1

Traditional weddings usually have brides with sleek, clean, structured bridal up do, boho weddings call for a slightly messy, less structured, more natural and laidback up do. It may look to easy to create but it takes a professional hair stylist to achieve this look perfectly. To create a gorgeous windswept or disheveled up do, contact a professional hair stylist. Book a trial appointment to make sure you get the kind of hair style that works for your face and your dress.

Loose and Lovely Bridal Hair

Bridal Hair in DC2

Bridal Hair in DC3

This hair style especially works for girls with naturally long and wavy hair. Let your gorgeous tresses down and loose and simply emphasize your natural waves. This shaggy boho is definitely in trend these days. What makes this look even better is that it is easy to do. You can even do it yourself. There are many ways to wear this look, you can add a braid, you can pull some hair up, or you can even curl your hair. To perfectly capture the boho bride look, wear a flower crown or any flower garland. You will definitely feel ethereal like fairy princess in the forest. Don’t forget to prepare your hair before the big day so it will look shiny and soft. Hydrate your hair by moisturizing it with a conditioner.

To get the best boho look from hair to makeup, contact a trusted name when it comes to Bridal Hair in Washington, DC. Make sure to check the portfolio of the professional hair stylist before booking him or her. See more bridal hair styles from one of the respected name in the bridal hair industry in DC, visit

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