Hottest Hair and Makeup Trends

All eyes will be on the bride on her wedding day. Lots of photographs will be taken. While weddings are full of happiness and excitement, behind the scenes of each picture perfect bride are tons of preparations. It matters to pay keen attention in choosing whose going to do your Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC. It also helps to know the latest trends for bridal hair and makeup. Below are some of the best trends you can incorporate on your bridal look.

Romantic and Beautiful Braids

 Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC

You’ve seen celebrities wore gorgeous braids on the red carpet. Braids are also seen on the catwalk. Braids are also one of the trends for brides. There are so many ways to do braids. It can be worn down the back or simply woven into the crown and worn atop the head. Chignons and other updos can also be worn with braids.

Stylish Top Knots

Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC1

This is perfect for brides who are going for a sophisticated and chic look on her wedding day. It is simple yet very elegant plus it adds height for petite bride and top knots photograph well.

Sultry Cat Eye

Cat eye has been a favorite look since last year and this look continues to dominate the entertainment and fashion industry. Retro cat eye also looks great for brides who want to have that classic, vintage look that would definitely look great in photographs.

Kissable Peach/Pink Lips

Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC2

For a fun pop of color that is still appropriate for a bride, go for berry shades and baby pink shades. Having peach or pink lips gives you a contemporary look while complementing your wedding bouquets.

Flower Crown

Brides are becoming more creative and deviating from the veil. One of the favorite bridal headpieces is a flower crown. There is something about flower crowns that makes a bride look more ethereal and young.

Pick your favorite hair and makeup trends and contact the best artist for your Bridal Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC. He or she will help you out on which trends work best on your face and your wedding dress. See more of the best bridal hair and makeup looks of real brides at

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