Bridal Hair Tips and 2014 Trends

Will you be having a rustic-themed wedding or a fairy-tale like wedding? Regardless of your wedding theme or your wedding dress there are a lot of options to choose from for your bridal hairstyle. The year 2014 has a lot to offer when it comes to stylish bridal hair from undone hairstyles to mussed-up chignon. With the right ideas and a professional hairstylist you will surely have the best Hair for Weddings in DC. Here are some of the best 2014 bridal hair trends to get inspiration from.

Hair for Weddings in DC


Nothing makes any wedding scene or any setting fresher and more romantic than having beautiful blooms all around. No wonder renowned fashion stylists like Dolce and Gabbana and Zac Posen are embellishing their models with flowers on their locks. This trend would look great for real brides.

Hair for Weddings in DC1

Blooms can be worn in so many ways. A big, blousy single flower can be worn on the side of the head. One can also choose to have tiny flower heads pinned all over the hairdo. Brides can also have floral crowns instead of tiaras.

Hair for Weddings in DC2

Gorgeous Hair Down Dos

Your wedding day is definitely one of the best times to flaunt your gorgeous, luscious locks. If you have long hair then let your tresses down. You can go for a half-up down to keep your hair off your face and still flaunt your enviable locks. You may also want to try mermaid waves which are in trend this year.

Hair for Weddings in DC3

Unkempt, Disheveled Look

For brides who want to capture the boho look, unkempt hairstyles look absolutely hot. Loose tangles can be used to frame your face that can reduce the width of the face especially for square faced brides. For a beachy look, windswept updos look perfect. Slightly disheveled braids also look lovely for brides who want a festival theme wedding.

Hair for Weddings in DC4

Sparkling Hair Accessories

For brides with Art Deco-inspired wedding, a fairy-tale wedding or a traditional church wedding, they can choose from a variety of glittering hair accessories from a sparkly hair pin studded with gem stones to a classic tiara.

Hair for Weddings in DC5

Whatever hair style or hair accessory you might choose always remember to go for a look that is still you. Don’t try to look so different but stay true to your natural beauty. For more gorgeous hair for weddings in DC, visit one of the best hair stylists for weddings websites in the area, Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC.






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