Simple Tips to Avoid Wedding Day Makeup Disaster

Aside from having the professional help from a Makeup Artist for Weddings in Washington, DC or in the state that you are. Here are some tips to help you out for the best bridal look that stays fresh and gorgeous throughout this beautiful event.

Adjust Your Makeup According to Climate

This summer or any other season, don’t be afraid to have your weddings outdoors, by the beach or in any venue. Simply use oil-free products as much possible including your foundation, primer and your moisturizer. The heat and the humidity are not your friends but you can still look great with the right makeup and a professional makeup artist who knows how to apply makeup best suited for your face and for the uncontrollable factors like the heat, the wind, the rain and the humidity. Oil-absorbing sheets will come in a handy to control oil on your face without damaging your makeup.

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Take Photos on Your Trial Makeup Session

Your makeup will look different on photos. More makeup than the usual should be applied on you. This is because the camera and the lights will mellow down the intensity of your makeup. You should have a photo of your face taken during your trial makeup session so you can see if you are happy with your makeup off and on cam.

Carry Instant Touch-up Products and an Emergency Wedding Kit

The least you can carry is your lip color. You would most likely need to touch it up since it will wear out the fastest with all the kissing and sipping. You will not need a lot of touch ups if your face and eye primers are of good quality. Another two things you should carry are powder and as mentioned earlier, oil-absorbing sheets. These two will keep you shine-free and looking fresh.

Bring a long emergency kit for wardrobe malfunction, undesirable period, odor, etc. Prepare for the worst and you might save the day. Your kit should have safety pins, gum or mints, tampons, double-sided tape, bobby pins, nail clipper, makeup remover wipes, scissors, handy sewing kit, and anything else you would need.

Makeup Artist for Weddings in Washington, DC


Be Yourself

Your wedding day is not the time to ultimately change your hair color etc. Facials, hair color, etc. should be done way before your big day. Instead be yourself and enhance your natural features. Those features are what your spouse-to-be fell in love with so why change it?

Makeup Artist for Weddings in Washington, DC1

Always remember that looking great is not just about makeup but also how you feel inside. To let your inner beauty glow through your makeup, choose a trusted Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC who knows how to listen to what you need, what you want, what you are comfortable with and what makeup will make you feel most beautiful and confident.

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