Hair style Tips and Steps for Wavy Hair

There is beauty in simplicity. No wonder many brides are going for a more laid back style on their wedding day. For those who have naturally wavy hair, they can go all natural with the help of a few hair styling tips. Having gorgeous wavy Hair for Weddings in DC is achievable. Here are some tips to help you out.

A. You can do this simple process on your own to have gorgeous beach waves:

Hair for Weddings in DC

  • Prepare your hair for styling. Go for a super moisturizing shampoo since wavy hair’s rich texture needs a lot of moisturizing. To make the moisturizing even more effective, wrap your head in a warm towel.
  • Apply a curl cream on your damp and newly moisturized hair. Half-dry your hair using a diffuser. Set it on medium heat. Once the hair is half-dry turn the diffuser off and let the air dry your hair. Then use a curling iron on three 2-inch sections of your hair.

B. Another simpler way to achieve summer-ready wavy hair is by:

Hair for Weddings in DC1

  • Applying anti-frizz and leave-on conditioner on your damp locks.
  • Wrap your hair in a towel to remove excess water without making your hair frizzy.
  • After leaving your locks wrapped in a towel, unwrap it and air-dry your hair. Then you will have effortless and naturally gorgeous waves you can wear on your wedding day. Make your hair style even more attractive by adding a floral crown.

C. If you want a more glamorous look on your wedding day, then recreate the look of vintage Hollywood.

Hair for Weddings in DC2

  • Begin with unwashed hair. Apply dry shampoo if it’s a little greasy.
  • Apply styling spray on the rest of your locks and use hot rollers to roll you hair halfway up. Use bigger rollers for better results. Spritz hair spray on your rolled hair while it’s still warm. Then remove curlers right away.
  • Create a deep side part then loosen your curls.

As long as you have the right hair products and know these tips, you can flaunt your wavy hair not only on your big day but also every day. If you are not that confident enough, then let the expert do your Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC.

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