Contemporary Hairstyles for Weddings

There are so many hair styles to choose from for your wedding day. You can go elegant and refined with a regal updo or go for casual yet pretty beachy waves. Regardless of the theme of the wedding, your natural hair, or your dress, there’s always the right style for your Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC. Let’s make the selection easier by narrowing down your options.

Kate Middleton-Inspired Rolled Bun

Look like a royalty on your wedding day by wearing a rolled chignon. This bridal hair is formal yet its slight volume and subtle draping keeps the updo cute too. This updo need not be super sleek and clean so having ends poke out makes it less structured but with more texture.

Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC

Hilary Duff’s Voluminous Bun

Keep your hair off your face with less pile of hairpins by recreating Hillary Duff’s bridal hair. What makes this bridal hairdo contemporary is its volume and width of the bun. Doing this is simple, gather your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head then use an elastic to secure the hair. To have that full volume tease the ponytail then run a comb to make it smooth then twist the ponytail into a bun. Have the updo in place with U-shaped pins. Spritz the hair with light-hold spray.

Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC1

Top Knot

For a flattering bridal do that shows off your neckline, go for a swept-up and slightly loose bun. This bridal hair do is elegant yet the slightly unkempt texture makes it less formal and less severe. It captures elegance and softness in a very lovely way.

Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC2

Long Gorgeous Waves

This bridal hair do is perfect for ladies with thick hair. The secret to having soft waves that last throughout the day is to prepare the hair by spritzing thickening spray. To give the hair more volume and length you can add some extensions. This hairstyle is fitted for brides who want a more casual and laidback bridal look for beach weddings. You can add braids for a bohemian look.

Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC3

Having gorgeous Hair for Weddings in DC should not be a complicated process. You can choose any of these styles for your big day. For a guaranteed great hair day, contact a professional hairstylist.

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