Hair and Makeup in DC11If you’re a woman of color, there is absolutely a myriad of choices when it comes to flaunting your best features and celebrating your luscious skin color and wonderful Hair Styles. Using the latest makeup and hairstyles trends, it is very easy to create a combination that works perfectly for your skin and overall personality. A professional stylist who does Hair and Makeup in DC, or in the state that you’re in will give you a basic knowledge of makeup and hair artistry if you want to fully maximize what beauty and style has to offer.

Black is beautiful! It is always best to have fun and try on different makeup and hairstyles looks to show your best assets. If you’re having a hard time determining which makeup and/or hair style harmonizes your skin color, undertones and skin and hair type, Audrey Bethards can help. Known as one of the Best Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC, Audrey will give you a better understanding on what your skin and hair qualities are. She will guide you in identifying your best facial features to be able to determine the right makeup and hair style for you. Knowing the fundamentals of hair and makeup artistry and recognizing your hair and skin requirements, you will surely go a long way! Explore how gorgeous her hair and makeup creations for colored women are at and get the hairstyling and makeup training that will jumpstart your few steps towards beauty now!

Coffee, chocolate, mocha or caramel skinned?

hair for weddings in dc

Whatever your skin color is, it is best to understand what your undertones are. It is the key in being able to pick the right foundation color for you. Identifying your skin type will really help too so you could choose a foundation type that minimizes the oiliness or dryness of your skin. Earth tones used on your eye makeup are the best. Blush colors like bronze, peach and corals are also great for dark skin. With regards to lippies- it’s your choice. If you want to steal the look of Nicki MInaj- wearing a frosted pink pout then have fun!

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