Long Bridal Hair Styles

Hair for Weddings in Washington, DCBeing able to witness a myriad of long hairstyle choices and finding the best one that complements your beauty. Just like a blossoming flower amid the lushness of a garden, you as the bride will be the focal point of your wedding. Admit it or not but aside from the merriment of your wedding, your guests look absolutely forward to how you look. You are the queen of your wedding and although there are several wedding themes that are more laid back, your wedding day is your time to shine; to show your beauty inside and out while celebrating one of the most beautiful beginnings in your life- your matrimonial union. So find the best makeup artist and Hair Stylist for Weddings in DC or in the state you’re in so as to ensure that you’re all glammed up for your big day!

Prep up your crowning glory for the big day!

It’s best not to go through any perming or hair coloring a few months before your wedding so as to ensure that your hair won’t be too damaged when you get styled on your big day. If you need to do so, find the mildest ones or pick the organic hair color kits that are proven safe and preservative-free. As with your bridal hair style, think about your wedding theme.

bridal special events

choosing one, always put the hair stylist’s training, years of experience, expertise and portfolio into consideration. Not only that, a great personality is also a requirement. You don’t want to get stressed on your wedding day, right? Speaking of those aspects, Audrey Bethards surely is your ideal beauty BFF! She is the most sought-after Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC and has also gained an amazing reputation in the states of Virginia and Maryland. Audrey is a Paul Mitchell School licensed and certified hair and makeup artist. For more than 30 years, she has been expressing her passion for beauty and art in the fields of entertainment, fashion and weddings. Having a bubbly personality with a positive and cheerful outlook in life, she will be able to understand what you visualize and carry out what makes you truly happy. Contact her now at www.mymakeupbook.com to book for a private Hair stylist bridal consultation!

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