Hottest and New Makeup Trends for 2014

makeup artistCelebrate each day of 2014 by getting to know makeup trends that will surely be in style for the whole year. Learn what colors, tricks and tips a professional Makeup Artist in Washington, DC does that you can also do on your own. With the right knowledge, a good set of makeup and enough skills you can create one or two makeup trends that you can wear on a daily basis. Here are some of them:

Colors that are Hot on Your lips this year:

Orange: Orange is definitely making a statement this year. Different shades of orange lips are being worn by celebrities. Orange lips are also seen in runways. This shade is definitely a favorite of celebrities and fashion designers this 2014. You need not be a celebrity or a fashion model to make this shade work on you. Orange looks good on any skin tone.

Berry: Those sexy berry lips are also in this 2014.

Bright pink lips are also favorites last spring and this summer.

Makeup artist1

Blue on the Eyes

If orange is the shade for lips this 2014, blue is one of the favorite shades for the eyes this year. Many models on the catwalk are wearing a solid electric blue on their lids that is applied from lash line to crease. Aside from solid blue on the lids, blue is also a favorite when it comes to eye liner. This trendy blue eyeliner is definitely wearable. This can instantly brighten your eyes without much effort.

Purple Invasion:

Aside from blue, lilacs, lavender or whatever you call that purple shade, is gaining popularity in the world of makeup this year especially for Spring and Summer. There are fantastic purple shadows and lilac lipsticks to choose from in many leading makeup brands. The color is a bit tricky so better know how to apply and when to wear this shade.

Glowing Skin

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a fresh-glowing skin? Having a glowing skin is achievable even if you are not naturally endowed with a flawless complexion. This year fashion police say you should get golden glow for a tanned look for summer and spring 2014. Go for warmer shades for your blush.

You can definitely incorporate one or two of these trends on your daily look but for special events and occasions always have a trusted Makeup Artist in DC.

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