Hair Stylists Training for Fashion and Self-Expression

Fashion is ever evolving and this aspect makes everyone, regardless of age and culture succumb to the variety of being able to convey oneself in a hundred ways. The moment we were born, fashion has been always existent. We couldn’t deny the fact that our moms (and our dads too at times!) excitedly dress us up and being ultimately proud with the cute ensemble they have created for us to flaunt with. One of the most loved aspects of fashion is hair and makeup.

hair stylist training in DCThe hair and makeup artistry is also an area where most women- and even men, use in expressing themselves and in gaining more confidence in their own skin. The hair and makeup, alongside proper clothing and accessorizing definitely completes a person’s fashion statement. If you feel like there’s still a lot to explore in the fashion world, taking a course in fashion, makeup or a “Hair Stylist Training in DCor in any state that you’re in will definitely help you meet your personal fashion goals or making a career in the beauty industry.

What is considered fashionable?

This question is absolutely subjective. Some might say that what is trendy, loud and popular among celebrities is what could be called fashion. On the other hand, a lot may say that a minimalist style is the best- timeless and always classy!

bridal hair and makeup

How about you? Do you consider yourself fashionable? Do you use the different aspects of fashion in expressing your ideas and tastes, celebrating life through your individuality? If that’s the case then you’re certainly on the right track! Being able to use fashion in motivating yourself and inspiring others is an amazing goal. Just like Audrey Bethards, a Paul Mitchell certified hair and makeup artist who is also providing Bridal Hair in Washington, DC, she has been a part of that celebration of individuality for the past 30 years.

Being a staple name in the beauty and fashion industry, her works have been featured in magazines like Vogue, Glamour and Seventeen. Her wedding creations too are showcased in magazines like My Day and Engaged, among others. If you want to look more fashionable than ever, whether wanting to learn the fundamentals of makeup, hairstyling or you’d love to be looking all prettified on a specific event, Audrey is more than willing to help you fulfill your dreams of being fashionable

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