Easy Summer Hair Care Tips

hair stylist for weddingsBask in the sun this summer without worrying too much about your hair. Follow this doable hair care tips from a trusted Hair Stylist for Weddings in Washington, DC, yours truly. Whether you are a bride to be or not, taking care of your hair is a must especially when the bright, sunny season is here.

Conditioning is a MUST.

Your hair needs moisture to be on its top condition just like how your body needs water to survive. Conditioner gives your hair the moisture it needs to keep it healthy. For those who often use dry-shampoo, you can use a dry conditioner every two days. It is a must since dry shampoos are formulated to absorb oil making your hair dull and dry.

With Essential Oils.

For balance and rehydration, essential oils will give your hair nourishment and moisture. It acts like lotion for your hair. Add essential oils to your conditioner for better results.

Go Mild.

The sun is extraordinary harsh this summer so even mild surfactants can leave parched strands and strands and can lighten the color of your hair. The solution to this is washing your hair with a cleansing conditioner which has essential oils. It removes dirt without stripping.

bridal hair

Keep it Laidback.

Let your hair breathe this summer. Go for casual hairstyles like braids, buns and ponytails. Style your hair naturally. You can even wear your hair as it is as long as your hair looks shiny and healthy.

Skip Blowdry (if not, then lower the heat)

Let the natural summer weather dry you hair to unveil your hair’s natural texture. But if you can’t help but to blowdry, then remember to use a nozzle to protect your hair from the heat, the heat can damage you hair making it frizzy and singed.

Make Tying Up Your Hair before Bed a Habit

To prevent your hair from tangles, splitting, breakage and to help it grow healthily then have a nighttime updo when you sleep. Make sure you gather your hair on top of your head when doing the updo.

If your hair is badly damaged then you must seek out the help of a hair professional. Do these simple tips and see your hair like you’ve never seen before. These are helpful for daily wear but for hair for special occasions like weddings contract a Hair for Weddings in Washington, DC.

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