Bridal Hair and Makeup for Weddings

A reputable Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC is the key to getting that perfect beach bride look amidst the warm weather and sudden blow of winds which are very much expected on the seaside.


Knowing that you’d still look gorgeous despite those unexpected kisses of nature gives you a sense of confidence and poise that will definitely radiate from within. This composure is something that will allow you to move freely while looking at your best; embracing the different emotions brought about by the pressures from the wedding ceremony itself, the tears of joy from that sweet kiss, the lovely messages from the people close to your heart and the fun partying afterwards!

Be sure to discuss several things with your Hair and Makeup in Washington, DC about your hair style and skin requirements for that important day. You don’t wanna get frezze hair and red heat blotches on your big day, do you? So a bridal hair and makeup trial is highly recommended from a reputable makeup artist. This will give you an idea if the actual products to be used on your big day will work well with your skin.

Get beautified by only the best. Check out www.mymakeupbook.comand see Audrey Bethards’ collection of oh so beautiful bridal work!!

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