Outdoor Bridal Hair and Makeup

Outdoor weddings are getting popular these days. A number of nuptials that are done on a garden, barn, backyard, mountain as well as beach weddings are increasing each year. Though the traditional wedding ceremonies are still being preferred by most couples, a lot of soon-to-be brides and grooms would opt for an outdoor wedding. They find these weddings more fun, breezy and cozy. Take for instance the weddings that take place in Washington DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival. A great Hair Stylist for Wedding in DC is an answered prayer if you wish to have your bridal hair to be still looking fresh and fab even during an outdoor after-wedding party. An amazing bridal makeup artist is also a great help in maintaining a beach bride’s freshness even on a humid and windy afternoon.

great Hair Stylist for Wedding in DCWith regards to bridal hair and makeup, outdoor brides look at their freshest with the subtle shades that complement that of their wedding theme. Well sculpted eyebrows, pink, peach and coral blush shades are an all-time outdoor bridal makeup favorite. Same goes with the lipstick hues- the more natural and sweeter, the better. On the other hand, an outdoor bridal hair and makeup should look elegant and crisp.

Hair accessories like fresh flowers, sparkling bridal hair jewelry or a hair accessory made of feathers is great if you want to add style to your outdoor wedding garb. This is a great time to have an intricate bridal hairstyle to complement the simple but incredibly sweet bridal makeup. Balance is the key!

Maintaining a well-styled bridal hair and makeup for an outdoor wedding may be a bit risky too, especially with the windy and warm weather, so discuss with your bridal hair and makeup artist about your wedding conditions, as well as the date and time that it will be held so as she’ll be able come up with the right elements in making you picture perfect the whole day- sans the wind and sweat.

Here are outdoor wedding hair and makeup ideas that will certainly keep you inspired!

Great Hair Stylist for Wedding in DC1

Be sure to find the perfect bridal hair and makeup artist for your outdoor wedding! Choose someone who has the experience of styling outdoor wedding brides and entourage and check out their portfolio. If you’re having a wedding in the Washington DC area, you may want to contact Audrey Bethards. Audrey is considered as the most sought-after Hair Stylist for Weddings in Washington, DC and also accepts out of state (and even overseas!) bridal engagements.

She has been expressing her passion and creativity for almost years and her creations have been featured in the British and American ELLE as well as the Italian and American Glamour, among others. So if you’re a bride who just wants to look at your best no matter which weather your wedding is in, Audrey is here to help. See her bridal portfolio at www.mymakeupbook.com . Get in touch with her now and book for a bridal consultation.

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