Lipstick Shades for Your Big Day

Who doesn’t want lippies? Lipsticks are a great sexifier; an instant prettifier that brings a sudden oomph to your face when you’re not even wearing a makeup at all. From the most ordinary days of our lives up to the most beautiful beginnings- like a wedding, lipsticks will always play a part on our womanhood, a celebration of our femininity. No matter what wedding theme it is, a bride’s lipstick will always be a part of her overall wedding ensemble. A bride may use a bright red or a hot pink on a minimalist wedding. Nude and subtle lipstick shades may be used for a colorful or psychedelic wedding motif. A Makeup artist in Washington DCcould use the shades of pink or peach to achieve the perfect wedding makeup for a Cherry Blossom Festival bride. It’s true, a lipstick will always be a woman’s best friend.

Makeup artist in Washington DC

There are tons of lipstick finishes to choose from!

Makeup artist in Washington DC2If you’re having a garden or beach wedding, a matte finish is ideal, be sure that it’s SPF enriched so your lips will remain protected even under the sun.If you feel like a heavy finish isn’t the right one for you, you could go for the ones with a smooth or satiny finish. They’re light and moisturizing too. If want to make it more minimal, a tinted lip-gloss or a lip-tint will do the job.

And there are loads of lippies shades to indulge on too!

Subtle shades like sweet pink, corals, peaches and nudes are perfect for outdoor weddings.

Dramatic colors like plum, red, berry, hot pinks and fuchsia are the best for indoor nuptials.

But please keep in mind to keep a balance. Heavy Smokey eyes call for muted lip color. It is always nice to play with mat, creamy, shimmer textures. If you do not know where you going you may need the help of a reputable makeup artist or you could always look for The Best Makeup Artist in DC to help you to achieve your dream look!

Take some time, practice and play! After all makeup is to make us feel goof with out frustrations of any kind!

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