Is All About Beautiful Bridal Makeup Weddings!

Makeup Artist in DC2Many wedding experts have predicted that beautiful colors will reign this year. Who would beg to differ? It has been evident that the different color shade is a staple theme every time a list of wedding motifs are forecasted then published each year. It’s a classic choice. That craving you have towards your favorite dish. The same enthusiasm that you have for your favorite artist’s newly released single. Getting affected over and over again by Titanic’s tragic ending.

The appeal of color is existent- it will go on; which made a lot of couples pick it for their wedding theme. Summer weddings that are supposed to be filled with bright and pastel colors are incorporated with purple, orange, blues and pinks. A Sakura wedding in DC is accentuated by lilac shades- for sure the bridal Makeup Artist in DC enjoyed playing with the burst of colors! A Country wedding in Tennessee is blended with red hues- rustic and classy! And even a winter wedding held on a December is made more dramatic by the blue and lavender tones. No wonder why they choose the shades of colors for the most beautiful beginnings in their lives. It is timeless. It’s impressive. It is powerful.

Weddings that include purple are seen every where- since time immemorial. They add an elegant vibe to a plain arrangement. Some beach weddings look more exotic with the when mixed with aqua shades. Lavender tones on the other hand add a more relaxed and sweet atmosphere to solid colors. Take a look at some different color wedding makeup ideas below and you’ll see how versatile and sophisticated a wedding could be when it’s topped with color.

Makeup Artist in DC

Can’t get enough of beauty on weddings? Are you imagining your wedding to be smothered by beautiful makeup hues? You’ve made a tasteful choice! Decide if you want to combine two solid colors, like white and red, or combine some other shades to make a yummy fusion! In terms of your bridal look, being a beautiful bride is a very exciting idea. Whether you plan on wearing an ivory colored dress or one that has blue or green accents on it, or if you’ve chosen to have an all butter yellow bridal gown- whatever makes you happy dear. But be sure to choose the best bridal Makeup Artist in Washington, DC or in the state that you’re in so that you’ll be able to achieve the bridal look that will blend perfectly with your chosen motif. Speaking of perfect, Audrey Bethards will help you achieve your ideal purple bride look. She has the training, experience as well as an amazing personality in making you look and feel good- in whatever theme you’re in! Check out her portfolio at and see how talented Audrey is!

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