How to Be a Blushing Bride on a Minimalist Wedding

Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC2Have you seen those models strut on the runway donning a super plain outfit in only one or two (if you’re lucky enough) colors? Shades that are usually white, black, brown or gray? Yep, it’s called minimalist fashion. Minimalist fashion is getting more and more popular. The simple designs, monochromatic colors, few shades and subtle lines create a kind of elegance and stylishness that is non-existent to any other trend. But not only does the minimalist style make waves in the fashion industry- minimalist weddings too are becoming famous. While most brides love to celebrate the fusion of colors and playful designs, some prefer to keep everything to a minimum and explore on a few shades. If you’re a bride, you might find this question challenging: “How will your Minimalist wedding makeup look like?” Simple. Find the best Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC or in any other state that you’re in. He or she will be able to help you in making you a bride bombshell despite having a minimalist wedding.

The good thing about a minimalist wedding is that if you’re aiming for a clean and polished wedding theme, you’ll get to spend less too. Also, It’s not that the other elaborate and intricate themes are lesser polished, but as mentioned, there’s an innate sophistication in minimalist weddings that we couldn’t just resist. Looking at these images, you’ll realize that these minimalist wedding inspirations will captivate you with their plainness and ease.

Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC 3

Convinced that a minimalist wedding is equally astounding as with any other wedding theme? Then start your wedding planning now. Be sure to choose the best wedding vendors that will comprise your wedding team. Give enough time and effort to see their portfolios, do some trials and go on taste-tests. Also, be extremely meticulous in hiring your bridal hair and makeup artist. Find someone who has the training, experience as well as a great portfolio where you could see his or her past works. If you’re located in the DC area, look at your best on your big day by choosing The Best Makeup Artist in Washington, DC. Audrey Bethards is the leading bridal hair and makeup artist in the Washington DC, Maryland and in the Virginia area. She will make your beauty stand out amid the minimalist glamour your wedding is in. Check out her gallery at .

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