Get That Hair and Makeup Artist Confidence Oomph- Contour

“Women absolutely love makeup and definitely are die-hard fans of cosmetics!”- and that’s the pretty reality. Just like fashion, we treat makeup as a form of self-expression; a thing that enables you to transform something that will truly embody your thoughts, emotions and visions. Aside from that, it is something that allows us to celebrate our femininity and look at it as a something that boosts our self confidence. The good thing is that as with our current technology advancement is always evolving, so do the women gaining more options. The different trends on the Hair and Makeup in DC, as well as in the other parts of the USA are being showcased and appreciated, giving brides a chance to express their individuality in so many forms.. A makeup technique that has become a major favorite among women is contouring. Gone are the days when a subtle dab of cheek tint would suffice.

Hair and Makeup in DCContouring makes you flaunt your assets- another fun part of makeup than just adding a blush onto your face. Here are some of the benefits that you’d get by being able to know how to contour. Enjoy!

1. Achieve a more chiseled and pronounced cheekbone

2. Provide a pretty angle

3. Give sudden glow after using a bronzer

4. Brightens your face

5. Highlights your assets

6. Conceals the parts which you’re not that confident with.

Besides practice, invest on high-quality brushes and makeup, such as foundation, blush and bronzer so as to ensure a healthy skin too!

Hair and Makeup in DC2

If you haven’t tried contouring then you’re already missing half the fun! Don’t be afraid to try it out and practice- until you have achieved the best style that complements your features and enhances your assets. And if you want to learn more than just the different contouring methods, contact Audrey Bethards. Audrey provides personalized training for those who want to do Hair Stylist training in DC so whether you want to use your learned skill to boost your self confidence, or gain employment in the field of beauty sounds appealing to you, the concepts you’ve learned from Audrey will surely make a difference. Inquire about the training on

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