Fresh and Fabulous Bridal Hair and Makeup

It’s amazing how our modern brides take wedding planning to the next level, making more daring choices and coming up with ideas that are truly their own. While some traditional wedding practices and selections are being loved and respected, a lot of new wedding trends are charmingly showcased and, thus giving a bride more audacity in trying out new things and to get bolder with her options. For instance, Sakura flowers could transform a simple frock to a stunning Hair for weddings in DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival. In the US, July 4th brides express their patriotism by using the shades of red, white and blue- colors that comprise the US flag.

Hair for weddings in DCOn the other hand, Christmas brides would include pine cones and green and red-colored wedding items to fully embody the season’s colors. Indeed, sky is the limit in wedding theme planning. With a myriad of ideas that a bride incorporates and blends to come up with her dream wedding, how does she achieve a bridal hair and makeup that complements her wedding theme?

“Fresh will always be fab.”

Though we ultimately love staring and swooning over dramatic bridal make-ups and ornate wedding hairstyles, a refreshing bridal hair and makeup is still the best choice, especially if you’re having a multi-colored or elaborate wedding. A light foundation that is extra-lasting and provides maximum coverage, and a blush that provides a natural blooming color are very important. Sweet lipstick shades like coral, peach and cherry are great colors for your lippies too. In terms of bridal hairstyles, sky’s the limit! If you have an airy and natural makeup this is your chance to have the most elegant bridal hairstyle to balance everything out. You may be the focal point of the wedding, but it’s not a good idea to overdo it. Isn’t it nice to see your simple beauty amid the intricate and rich decors of your wedding? A fresh look is still the most fabulous.

Take a look at these bridal hair and makeup inspiration that will truly bring out the most fab in you!

Hair for weddings in DC1

Here are lovely hair accessory to go with your fresh and simple bridal makeup:

Ain’t it lovely to sport a colored hair accessory for a glamorous wedding hairstyle that matches your overall garb, particularly your au naturel makeup? Your wedding is one of your life’s greatest milestones so be sure to execute it YOUR way. Find the best wedding vendors who will help you in accomplishing that aim. That being said, pick the best hair and makeup artist who will make you looking all dolled up on your big day. If you’re in Washington DC, Audrey Bethards’ hands will provide you with the best bridal hair and makeup services. She is an established figure in the beauty industry, for almost 30 years. She has been providing bridal Hair for weddings in Washington, DC, as well as in the Virginia and Maryland area, but is very much available for travel domestically and abroad. That’s how passionate she is with her craft! Get charmed by her portfolio at

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