Find Your Place in the Beauty Industry

Are you dreaming of becoming a certified makeup artist someday? Is finding your niche in the beauty industry as a makeup artist or hairstylist seems like something you look forward to in the future? Well, guess what? You might have not noticed it but you do have an relentless appetite then for beauty and style! It may be the kind of career that will definitely give you the kind of self-fulfillment which you may have subconsciously looking for. However, as with any craft that needs utmost learning and perseverance, pursuing this type of career entails the same kind of virtues. Getting the best Hair Stylist Training in DC or in the area that you’re in will definitely help and make things easier for you. It’s a great start in intensifying that interest and honing your talent for beauty.

 Hair Stylist Training in DC

Being able to do what you truly love is what everyone aims for. Isn’t it amazing to be doing the things that you’re incredibly good at, enjoying every single moment of it, and taking pleasure from the challenges, while getting paid? Whether you’re a member of a huge fashion crew in Paris or is the one in charge for a small local wedding, earning a living from something you’re passionate about is already an achievement itself.

Here are some of the opportunities that await you in pursuing a career in the hair and makeup artistry:

Hair Stylist Training in DC1

  1. Be a part of a fashion team of fashion shows, evens and commercial work.
  2. Become a print ad hairstylist and/or makeup artist.
  3. Provide hair and makeup services on TV and film engagements.
  4. Become a wedding hairstylist and makeup artist.
  5. And much, much more!

Stick to your personal style but easily adapt to the ever-evolving aspect of the fashion and beauty industry. Take the opportunity to be able to practice, paid or not, in order to polish your abilities.

 If you’re in the DC area, get trained only by the expert. Let Audrey Bethards help you in developing your skills by teaching you the different hairstyling and makeup techniques that she has learned for over 30 years. She is a Paul Mitchell graduate herself and has been very popular in providing excellent services of Hair and Makeup in DC, as well as in the Maryland and Virginia area. Kick start your dream! Learn more about it art

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