DIY weddings in DC

Bridal Hair in DC3More and more brides consider themselves as a budget brides. A DIY wedding is a favorite among brides who do not want to spend too much on their weddings. But a DIY wedding isn’t only a budget bride’s best friend. Most creative couples choose a DIY wedding mainly to express their creativity as well as “personalize” the most important event of their lives. If you opt to become a DIY bride and want to have your bridal makeup DIY’d too, be sure to practice and learn all you can. If you think styling your hair could be a challenge on your big day, hiring an artist who does great Bridal Hair in DC or in the state you’re in wouldn’t hurt. After all, you could still consider your wedding a bonafide DIY one if you’ve done the large percentage of it under your creative hands and amazing ideas.

These days, a DIY wedding is highly achievable. Your own creativity, alongside some insightful tips from your mom or friend are helpful in sharpening a truly great DIY wedding. Also, Google and Pinterest are very useful in gaining inspiration in getting the ultimate DIY wedding. Below are some of beautiful DIY wedding ideas to kick start your DIY wedding planning.

Bridal Hair in DC

A DIY wedding is so fun and unique, and eventually you will realize that this theme could give you infinite options. There are a lot to try, so many things to explore and several stuff to discover. If you have already decided to be a DIY bride, be sure to hire a great photographer. Of course, you wouldn’t want your efforts to be displayed in images and videos that are of poor quality, right? A DIY wedding, with all the effort and time given to it, deserves to be captured beautifully! If you’re in the DC area, be sure to hire the best artist who does amazing Bridal hair in Washington, DC. No matter how great your wedding photographer is, if your hair and makeup artist isn’t good enough, chances are you might be frowning (instead of smiling!) while seeing your wedding photos. So choose wisely! Contact Audrey Bethards and witness her beautiful creations at .

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