Different Bridal Hair on Your Wedding Day

As a bride, the enthusiasm for your upcoming wedding may be one of the most exciting (and jittery!) wait in your life. It’s like creating your very own handcrafted jewelry. You visualize on what you want to create, plan how to carry it out, painstakingly giving all your creativity and effort in the process of completing the piece. Same goes with your wedding planning- you excitedly imagine how you want your wedding day to be and how your bridal look could wow your guests, especially your husband to be. This is the time that you want to be more daring and much bolder with your choices. Speaking of daring, most brides choose to wear a different hair color on their big day. It may be either to complement their wedding garb or to express happiness on a new beginning. If you’re on the said path, be sure to choose a color that’s best for your features. The color and texture will make or break your look so be very particular in choosing your hairstylist. Your wedding day is one of your life’s greatest beginnings so be sure to pick the most qualified hairstylist who will provide you The Best Bridal Hair in Washington, DC or in any state that you’re in.

Bridal Hair in Washington, DC2

Getting your hair dyed with a shade different than that of your natural hair color is tricky, so how much more when we’re talking about a hair color that you will be wearing on your big day? If you are blonde, you can certainly feel at your most fiery and stunning by being a redhead bride. Choosing a jet-black shade exudes elegance too. Most brides get highlights, sticking to brown and caramel shades. Ombre also is a favorite hair color trend.

Bridal Hair in Washington, DCBut if you want to get some neon streaks then go for it! But bear this in mind: although weddings are all about self-expression, always do it in a classy way. It’s in fact your wedding but whatever brave step you’re going to take, always do it with tastefulness and style; something that will make a statement but balance everything beautifully. For instance, be sure to have a muted makeup too to blend well with your loud but playful hair color.

Here are some bridal hair inspirations. See the color, check if it complements well with your skin tone, and go from there!

Who doesn’t want to be at her best on her big day, right? You aim for perfection and you want to be satisfied with the outcome. That same perfection will be cherished by you as a couple, your future children and the generations ahead. And if getting a different hair color on your wedding day is a lovely plan for you, be sure to have it done exceptionally. If you’re in the DC, Virginia or Maryland area, allow Audrey Bethards to be a part of your sweet beginning. She has gained a reliable reputation in the beauty, fashion and wedding industry and will surely provide you with The Best Bridal Hair in DC or in any state that you’re in, on your big day! Audrey has worked for top companies such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s, AVON and Bakers Shoes and her bridal works were featured in wedding magazines like Baltimore Bride and My Day Weddings. Swoon over her profile at http://www.mymakeupbook.com

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