Alluring Wedding Makeup for Black Brides

Coffee-colored brides are beautiful and confident. Whatever wedding theme they’re in, their natural elegance is always existent. We have been celebrating their exquisiteness and style, appreciating the infinite ways of how a colored bride is dolled up. This year, the beauty of black brides is being showcased all over the world and all we could do is swoon over their stunning wedding hair and makeup. The mocha-colored brides who sported sweet and classy Bridal Hair and Makeup in DC during the Cherry Blossoms Festival captivated a lot of women for sure.

Bridal Hair and Makeup in DCBrides should know how to take care of their skin and get all prepped up for their wedding day. Other than maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, increasing water intake and getting enough beauty sleep, knowing the basic makeup needs your skin type requires will largely make a difference. The following tips will surely make a black bride exude with so much style and poise on her big day.

1. Foundation

Although you have a deep color, tones do vary, so it’s better to test and pick the best foundation color and coverage for your skin type. Stay away from the shimmery type if you have an oily skin. Be sure to have a long lasting foundation that’ll make you camera ready all day with very minimal touch ups. Your makeup artist may use a makeup setting spray or even an airbrush depending on the location of your wedding and the time of the day it’ll be held.

2. Eyes

Make your eyes more daring than ever! Sultry shades and shimmery eye shadow will surely make your eyes pop. Brown or black eye-pencils used will define them beautifully. Eyebrows make or break your look so be sure to choose a makeup artist experienced enough in making you cam-ready all day!

3. Lips

Sheer pinks, earth colors and soft hues that are smudge-free and smear free are the best. The long lasting matte lipsticks will surely stick all day but if they make your lips chap, use a balm before wearing lipsticks, gliding it onto your lippies every now and then. If this seems to be a hassle, better to use an extra-lasting lip tint.

4. Blush

Earth tones and delicate shades of pinks make dark skin bloom. Bronzers are used to contour. Cream blush are long wearing and are an ideal type of to use in an affair that’ll last the whole day.

5. Have fun! Don’t be afraid to play with colors.

Sometimes, it’s great not to play it safe! Use electrifying colors ala Nicki Minaj and make your eyes, cheeks or lips pop! With a dash of girliness, you’ll be a sexy-mocha bride for sure!

Look at these enthralling wedding makeup looks for black brides

Makeup artist in Washington DC

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