How to Achieve a Winter Wedding Perfectly

Dream tying the knot amid the charming beauty of snow, being embraced by the chilly Washingon, DC air? Then why not pick an enchanting and icy wedding? Brides-to-be, prepare yourselves with the help of a Hair and Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC and be merry as the winter wedding theme will give you and your man a fascinating and delightful nuptial waiting to be treasured forever.

Weddings that are carried out on a snowy season are called winter weddings. But over time, winter weddings have become a favorite of several couples, holding a winter-themed wedding anytime even in the middle of summer! Especially now that a lot of people fell in love with the movie “Frozen”, it’s a surety that the number of beautiful winter weddings will increase in the coming years.

Makeup Artist for Weddings in DC

Typically, couples hold their winter weddings on the first and last quarter of the year as it is not only the snow is perfect to achieve an absolute winter wedding. But don’t feel frustrated if your wedding date doesn’t fall on these months or you are on a place that doesn’t have winter at all. If winter seems to be an impossibility on where you are situated or if you’re in a tropical country where you have to ‘rub a genie out of a bottle‘ for you to have that winter dream, then a winter wedding is like ‘having to hit two birds with one stone’ having your dream wedding and experiencing the enjoyment of winter!!

Though winter weddings denote white everywhere, it doesn’t mean that you cannot play with colors when opting for one. Whatever your chosen color or motif is, it will definitely blend easily with the winter theme as white goes with anything. Snowflakes everywhere, colorful centerpieces placed on white shimmering tables, a solid jeweled color that accentuates the white chairs, shimmering gold pine-cones and silver-spray painted twigs are just some of the staple winter wedding style. A solid color will definitely give a sudden splash to the white surroundings. Also, the lighting can do the trick in achieving a perfect winter-themed wedding. Dazzling yellow, elegant lavender or even bright red or emerald green beams will contrast fabulously with the overall white theme. If you want to make your winter-inspired wedding look both elegant and fun, why not choose different lighting? There will be as if an Aurora Borealis dancing amazingly on your wedding reception.

And just like how the lighting plays a huge role in your complete winter wedding, so as the hair stylist and makeup artist who will doll you up on your big day. For brides, a winter wedding makeup and hair signifies a minimal, natural but elegant look. If you are going for a winter wedding, it’s best to keep your makeup simple but chic and let the dreamy surroundings do all the talking! Some put crystals on their hair, making them appear like snows that have just fallen from afar. Choose the best makeup artist and hair stylist for weddings so that every moment, especially that look of yours will always be picture perfect!

Speaking of a great hair and makeup artist for weddings in DC,Audrey Bethards, does Wedding Makeup and Bridal Hair in Washington, DC , will fulfill each bride’s dream- to look her best on her big day. For winter wedding brides out there, contact Audrey Bethards to ensure that you get that Snow Queen look to perfection!

Start planning on throwing that dreamy winter nuptials now that will make you go on singing to the tune of “Walking’ in a winter wonderland.” a guarantee!

Author Bio:-

Audrey Bethards, Hair stylist and Makeup artist in Washington, DC. Providing hair stylist and makeup artist services for Fashion, Bridal, Runway Fashion Shows, Photography, HDTV Video Film, Galas and Special Events. With more than 30 years in the beauty industry. She has a high experience and reliable reputation in the Washington DC – Baltimore, MD – Northern Virginia area.

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