Expert’s Advice on Choosing Your Wedding Hairstyle

Choosing a bridal hair can be quite a challenge. It definitely helps to get words of advice from the expert Hair stylist for weddings in Washington, DC.

Be Yourself

Of all the hairstyle advice you must heed, this one is on top of the list. Stay true to who you are. Indeed, weddings symbolize a new chapter in one’s life but this is not the time for a dramatic change on your hair. It’s time to be your best self not someone unrecognizable on your wedding day.

hair for weddings

Make Regular Visits to your Hairstylist even Before the Big day

To make sure you look and feel great with your hair, see your hairstylist regularly before the big day. Doing so allows your hairstylist to know your hair and determine what style best flatters the shape of your face. In one of the visits, you will have a trial hairstyling so you can achieve the style that will make you happy and will be comfortable wearing on your big day.

Dress Should Go With Your Tresses

Whether you are going to flaunt your tresses, pin it up or wear a short bridal hair, it is always a must to check if your dress works with your hairstyle. Together with your stylist you can decide on which hairstyle will complement your dress or will look most flattering. So be sure to show your dress to your hair stylist. Usually the neckline is a determining factor on how your hair will be styled.

Prepare For Windswept Hair Under the Summer Sun or at the Beach Weddings

Summer is perfect for outdoor weddings such as beach weddings. There is no rule of the thumb for such conditions. Experts say it is a personal choice. However for beach weddings, opt for a windswept, disheveled look for most likely you will have one even if you originally go for a sleek hairstyle. Hot weather calls for beachy waves. Grab and pin hairstyles are also suitable for summer weddings.

Extra Hair Advice for Honeymoon:

Having a great hair day should not end on your wedding day. Get comfy and stylish with loose, wavy textured locks by braiding your hair then unloosing them. Then finish it off with salt spray.

To get the best advice, then consult with your very own:-  Bridal hair in Washington, DC


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